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I'm a graduate student of Psychology at (insert school here once decided), and I hope to pursue my PhD once I've earned my MA. I'm particularly fascinated by cognition, evolutionary psychology, social psychology, and neuropsychology. Also, no, I am not "analyzing you right now," but if you're not careful, I might later.

Please do not be mean about my website, I am still learning how to code and I'm working on it daily.


You can view my résumé here!


The Need For Rigorous Training in ADHD Identification 07/05/2020

(More papers will go here once I've written them)

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Critic Reviews

"5 and 1/2 stars." - Loren's Mom

"Definitely 1 star. She's way too self-deprecating." - Loren "Fatty" Matelsky

"She's absolutely fabulous. It must be genetic." - Loren's Grandmother