Loren Paige Matelsky

About Me

I'm Loren, and I'm a graduate student of psychology at The New School in NYC. My research in the NSSR Perception Lab investigates the mechanisms by which biological motion perception shapes higher-level social judgments. I am currently running a series of experiments to explore the influence of socially dominant behavior on perceived body size. I also conduct research in the Ginges Lab, exploring the relationships between religion, morality, and human conflict, as well as in the Schober Lab, where I examine the influence of social context on how meaning is inferred from ambiguous language.

Before coming to The New School, I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Spanish at Rutgers University.

When I'm not studying, I like to play tennis, practice piano, rewatch Arrested Development, and try out new recipes.


You can view my résumé here!

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Critic Reviews

"5 and 1/2 stars." - Loren's Mother

"She's absolutely fabulous. It must be genetic." - Loren's Grandmother

"She was a pleasure to have in class." - Loren's Fifth Grade Teacher